One more concern for Gujarat, cases of mucorrhoea are increasing rapidly

  • Cases of mucormycosis are on the rise in Morbi district
  • More than 400 cases of mucorrhoea have been reported in the last one month
  • The number of cases of mucormycosis has also increased in rural areas along with Surat city

Himanshu Bhatt / Morbi: Amidst the devastation of Corona, Morbi district has been hit by a new disaster. Mucormycosis is rampant in Morbi. Corona has not yet recovered, with 20 cases of mucorrhoea being reported daily in Morbi. The disease, which is proving to be fatal after Koro, is on the rise in Morbi district. So that anxiety has increased throughout the district.

Cases of  mucorrhoea are on the rise in Saurashtra . 

More than 400 cases of mucorrhoea have been reported in the last one month. About this, Dr. Alpesh Pfeffer said that last year there were 10 to 15 cases of this disease in Morbi district. Not only Morbi, but currently the number of patients with mucorrhoea is increasing in Saurashtra. Which is a matter of concern. 

This fungal infection is also increasing in Surat

 The number of cases of mucorrhoea has also increased in rural areas along with Surat city. Patients over the age of 40 that are already haveing kidney problems with diabetes, cancer, HIV, organ transplants neutropenia, chronic corticosteroids, are suffering from this deadly disease due to low immunity.

Some people are suffering from mucormycosis after recovering from corona. Symptoms of this disease include a cold, nasal congestion after a while, vaccination, and a lump in the nose weeks later. A tumor is found in the nose when the patient comes for treatment, which has to be scanned. The report provides information on the spread of the disease. Mucormycosis spreads faster than cancer in the patient’s organs. 

Symptoms of mucormycosis 

  • The disease involves a kind of fungus which eats away at the bones in the nose
  • There is also a small bone between the nose and the eye, which is carved
  • Between the nose and the brain is the bone, which is eaten
  • The disease has a direct effect on the patient’s eyes and brain

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