Coronavirus: Third Wave will be more dangerous for children, starting from Maharashtra

The third wave of corona will prove dangerous for children. According to ther experts, children under the age of 12 will be infected and it is likely to start in Maharashtra. 

New Delhi: The second wave of Corona is raging in the country. According to government figures, the second wave is infecting the youth in the country more, while the first wave in the country last year affected the elderly. Now, according to some experts, it is being speculated that a third wave of corona may occur in July and will prove to be more dangerous for young children. During this time, bile ducts under the age of 12 are most likely to be infected with the virus. 

Third wave to start in Maharashtra

According to media reports, the third wave of coronavirus is to start from Maharashtra. But experts have not clarified when the third wave will begin. But it is being speculated that a third wave could begin in July to September that will affect children. 

In preparation, Maharashtra government

The experts have advised the Maharashtra government that the third wave may start in July and may affect children more than the first two waves. Preparations have been started at the government level in Maharashtra in anticipation of a third wave. Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation is planning to set up an infant covid care facility so treatment can be done on time. Importantly, the decision to set up a pediatric ward in Maharashtra has taken into account the warnings of experts. 

Pediatric ward to be set up here According to

BMC officials, a pediatric ward for children under 12 years of age will be set up in Mumbai’s Goregaon-based Jumbo Covid Center in the next two months. It will have about 700 beds. The center will also have a 25-bed capacity NICU unit and PICU for newborns. 

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